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Water Damage Repair in Knoxville

Kevin Jardet is the owner of Insta Dri in Knoxville, and is an expert in Water Damage Repair in Knoxville, TN. He explains the cost of Waterproofing a basement to make the space useable. What determines how much a project will cost? What is the cost of crawl space encapsulation in Knoxville? We'll go through the variables.

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Water Proof

Water Damage Repair in Knoxville

There are many ways to fix or control water issues in your home.  Each home is unique and each owner is most comfortable with certain fixes.  

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Keep Moisture Low

crawlspace encapsulation in knoxville

Insta Dri in Knoxville, TN can waterproof your basement with a variety of methods that are most effective and will make your home healthy again.

Insta Dri specializes in crawlspace encapsulation in Knoxville, TN.

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"When having an home inspection, we found out that the home we were interested in buying had drainage problems.  Insta Dri  gave us an estimate on how to fix the problem.  The team arrived and did their work quickly.  They were professional and kept us informed on how the job was progressing.  We were impressed that they were honest with us on what needed to be done. I can highly recommend Insta Dri to anyone who would like their home evaluated."

-Gayle Lewis

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